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Showbox Guide for iPhone/iPad users


ShowBox App needs no introduction, it possibly is the best movie streaming application for Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle and BlackBerry. It can easily provide you with unlimited movies and tv shows for free on your gadgets.

Most of the iOS users complain that they can’t watch movies on iPhone or iPad as most of the third party apps are not allowed on iOS devices. It is difficult to download movie apps on iPhone or iPad devices. To resolve this issue we have got few important steps through which you can download ShowBox on your iOS devices for free as well as we’ll also learn to use the application with step by step instruction guide.

One last thing

If you have noticed that these app have recently been updated by their developers, ShowBox is a new revised version of movieBox for Android users. And fortunately MovieBox can be downloaded on Apple gadgets.

So if you read MovieBox in the whole article rather than ShowBox App, there is no need to get confused with it. Now let’s see the download process of MovieBox for iOS devices.

Download MovieBox HD on iOS devices

  • Download & Install vShare for Windows. Once installed, run vShare on the device. It will prompt you to connect device without computer through USB cable.
  • Once your device is recognized tap on “Trust” which will verify the connection and the device will be connected to the same network.
  • You’ll notice a screen on your iPhone detailing information about the application.
  • Next step is to navigate “Apps” icon on the top of the screen and download MovieBox on your device.
  • Monitor the downloading process through Download option. Once the download is completed the application demands to install it through the instruction given on the screen.
  • While movieBox is getting installed and pushed to your iPhone please do not turn of or disconnect the network.
  • Go back to your home screen and search for MovieBox icon on the screen. Open the app and enjoy the entertainment journey.

How to use MovieBox on your device

MovieBox HD has the same features and facilities like ShowBox thus, you can find a lot of similarities. People who have already gone through ShowBox can easily find their way through MovieBox.

One top of the screen you’ll find a quick menu option through which you can easily go through few important options like Movies, Tv shows, Trailers and Entertainment news. Rather than finding each and every movie manually you can navigate movies through this option with ease.

Right on the right hand side of the screen there is a magnifying glass sign which allows you to search for your favorite movie and tv shows with Keywords.

Next to the search option you have a filter button which can be used to filter your search through more precise keywords like sorted by latest added, genre or most watched.

When you scroll down the screen you’ll notice top movies and shows appearing. As you choose to watch a particular movie or an episode, just tap on that movie.

The app provides you resolution choices, language preferences and review of the movie for a comfortable watch.

Downloading or streaming shows on mobile can be of good speed only through an excellent Internet network.


These were few interesting facts and how use steps for ShowBox HD/MovieBox HD. You can download any of them, they will provide you the same features and service from either one. One thing is for sure, the entertainment factor is unlimited in both the applications.


When I connected my iPad running iOS 4.3 to my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3 (My iPhone was acting as a personal hotspot), my iPad detected that it was connected to another iOS device that was creating the hotspot, and therefore showed this symbol (The top left of picture. It’s the same symbol that is on the mobile hotspot menu on the iPhone in iOS 4.3):


This is interesting. I could not conclude whether my 3G iPad was utilizing my iPhone’s data connection, or if my iPad was just showing that a network had been created between itself and the iPhone, and that the iPad would continue to use its own data connection.

I’m not sure, but it is interesting.

My iPad can no longer join my personal hotspot, for some reason. I haven’t been able to test further.


It’s a crazy thing, the App Store is nearing it’s 10 billionth download. And the person who gets the 10 billionth download, gets a prize. A $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. It’s still amazing how Apple is nearing 10 billion downloads, but the more amazing thing is how fast apps are being downloaded right this second. You can see the countdown at the 10 Billionth App Countdown site.

Although there are rules( of course ), mainly just that you have to be 13 years or older, and that you must be downloading something from the country you reside in( If you live in the US, you must download something from the US store ). And you can still enter without purchasing or downloading an app, I don’t know how it will work though since the winner is the person with the 10 billionth download.

Remember, all you have to do to win is download the 10 billionth app before billions of other people!


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