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The first iOS 4.3 beta was released to developers today. Unfortunately, it drops support for the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G. However, it brings some fantastic features.

Mobile hotspot: When the Verizon iPhone was announced, the mobile hotspot feature was mentioned. The iOS 4.3 update brings mobile hotspot capabilities to the iPhone 4 (does not work on the iPhone 3GS or the iPad). The mobile hotspot allows one to create a WiFi network from the iPhone, allowing up to 5 devices to connect and utilize the iPhone’s Internet connection.

Gestures: iOS 4.3 brings more gestures to the iPad. With either four or five fingers, one can:

Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
Swipe to the left to go to back the last used app
Swipe to the right to go forward
Pinch to go back to the home screen

Note to developers: Gestures may not be enabled in beta by default. Connect your iPad to Xcode and enable the iPad for distribution.

Rotation Lock: When the iPad was originally released, the switch on the right side acted as a rotation lock (prevents the ipad from adjusting when you turn it sideways… Which is important for when you want to read your iPad when lying on your side.) When the iOS 4.2 was released, it changed the switch on the iPad to a mute button (the rotation lock was then placed on the multitasking bar). Many users greatly preferred having the switch be a rotation lock, so Apple is bringing that back with iOS 4.3.


When I connected my iPad running iOS 4.3 to my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3 (My iPhone was acting as a personal hotspot), my iPad detected that it was connected to another iOS device that was creating the hotspot, and therefore showed this symbol (The top left of picture. It’s the same symbol that is on the mobile hotspot menu on the iPhone in iOS 4.3):


This is interesting. I could not conclude whether my 3G iPad was utilizing my iPhone’s data connection, or if my iPad was just showing that a network had been created between itself and the iPhone, and that the iPad would continue to use its own data connection.

I’m not sure, but it is interesting.

My iPad can no longer join my personal hotspot, for some reason. I haven’t been able to test further.


It’s a crazy thing, the App Store is nearing it’s 10 billionth download. And the person who gets the 10 billionth download, gets a prize. A $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. It’s still amazing how Apple is nearing 10 billion downloads, but the more amazing thing is how fast apps are being downloaded right this second. You can see the countdown at the 10 Billionth App Countdown site.

Although there are rules( of course ), mainly just that you have to be 13 years or older, and that you must be downloading something from the country you reside in( If you live in the US, you must download something from the US store ). And you can still enter without purchasing or downloading an app, I don’t know how it will work though since the winner is the person with the 10 billionth download.

Remember, all you have to do to win is download the 10 billionth app before billions of other people!


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